Twenty Eighteen.

Here we are. A brand new year and I could not be more excited. 2017 wasn’t the greatest year I’ve ever had, in fact it was filled with self doubt, an awful lot of tears and my anxiety had reached an all time low for the first time in years. I realised I needed to change. I dislike the term “new year resolutions” mainly because I personally have never kept to them, so setting them often feel like I’m setting myself up for failure. This year, I’ve focused more on setting goals that I would like to achieve…

01. My anxiety takes an ugly turn when it comes to a few main things. Money, travelling and more recently, my health. I’m constantly panicking that something is wrong with me, it keeps me up at night which results in a very tired and grumpy Faye, which is not nice to be around. This year, I’m going to make an appointment in hopes that I can get to the bottom of why I constantly have stomach pains. Maybe TMI? I’m determined to fix it and get my health on a good track. I’m also going to visit the dentist more regularly and look after my teeth properly too!

02. Have a lifestyle change up. Every year I join a gym, go once or twice and spend the year paying the bill because I’m too embarrassed to cancel my membership. I’m facing the cold hard truth that I just really bloody hate exercise and going to the gym. This year, I’m going to change things up and go in at a nutrition angle, I want to cook more and make myself good, nutritious food that I love to eat. I got a few cook books for Christmas which I’m excited to delve into and I’m cutting out red meat throughout January to see how that aids with my stomach too. Once I get my eating habits on a good pathway, I’ll look into doing more exercise. I may just start by switching the car out for more walking however, I’ll start with baby steps. I have to say I’m looking forward to achieving this goal!

03. Be the best version of me. I’m definitely going to be kinder to myself this year, I find this one particularly hard as I’m not my biggest fan. However, I’m going to cheer myself on this year and not give up so easily on something. I’ve got a fire in my belly and I’m determined to make 2018 my best year yet, with what ever comes my way. I want to help people more this year too, I’m thinking of buying lots of food and toiletries to give to a food bank, it’ll feel good to give something back.

04. Grow my Blog and Instagram. I’ve absolutely loved creating my blog and watching it achieve some great things. For 2018 I would love to see it grow even more, I can’t wait to produce content that I love to create and hear your feedback. Hopefully, with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work I may even be able to get into a blogging routine, which is something I’ve really struggled with. I really haven’t put my all into it the past year but I’m determined to change that. My instagram has grown very well recently, the algorithm doesn’t seem to hate me just yet as I’m nearing 900 followers! I know to some, that isn’t much…but to me, that is an insane amount of people! I’m hoping to reach 1000 by my birthday in April, that would really be great. I can’t wait to work hard on both of my platforms and meet more wonderful people through the community!

05. Save well and spend wisely. Olly and I are off to New York in September and I cannot freakin’ wait! New York is just my favourite city and I can’t wait to be there again with my love. To do this however, I need to pay it off and save spending money. I’m feeling good about this one as I’m on top of it and it’s my first priority at the moment after paying my bills, it feels good to count down the days. I also want to save and spend my money wisely this year, my biggest purchase will be a MacBook. I know some may think this is totally unnecessary and a bit materialistic, however I don’t currently have my own laptop so blogging can be a little bit hard. I use Olly’s laptop, which he is great at letting me borrow, and my little brother has a computer which he lets me use (bless him) but other than that I’m doing it all from my phone. I want my own device that I can just use whenever I want and create the content that I need to, I’m excited for this one as I’ve always wanted a MacBook but I could never afford it as other things always came up.

06. Spend more time with my friends. I’ve got a seriously great girl squad that I’m obsessed with. I’ve never been one for big friendship groups or even have a great best friend, (I haven’t kept in touch with anyone from school) so I can’t wait to spend more time with them and grow our friendship! They all bring something different to my life which is amazing because I just get on so well with every single one of them. I can’t wait for more craft nights, dinners out, cinema dates, pyjama parties and laptop clubs. Bring it on.

I’m feeling very, very good about 2018. I’ve never really been too bothered about New Years until now, for the first time in my life I have set goals for the next couple of years. Something I’ve never had before. I cannot wait to see how I get on!

What are your 2018 goals?