3 Ways I’m Welcoming Spring.

I simply cannot express how excited and happy I am that it is still light at 4 o’clock in the afternoon these days. I’m normally one who thrives in the winter, I love dressing for the colder months and I hate feeling too warm, this year however, I’m welcoming Spring and Summer in full force. My money is being spent on floral candles and fresh flowers and my wardrobe is stocked up with denim skirts and patterned wrap dresses. I’m also making a few small lifestyle changes to help me put a spring in my step (see what I did there? heh).

1. Lifestyle Changes

The wonderful people from Get More Vitamins very kindly sent me some vitamin drinks* and they also included their new multivitamin gum* to try too. As someone who wants to take vitamins daily but cannot stand taking them in tablet form, these products have been lifesavers! The vitamin drinks come in a variety of flavour, they’re low calorie and it’s good to know that you aren’t putting any extra nasties into your body, just vitamins! The sparkling Blackcurrant and Blueberry drink I have, is packed full of vitamin A which means that I’m able to sip away all day knowing that it’s supporting my vision and skin. The Multivitamin Gum intrigued me the most, these little chewy babies are packed full of multiple different vitamins and one piece of gum contains 25% daily dose of up to 10 vitamins! Not bad for something you just chew on, right? I would highly recommend this brand to anyone who like me is trying to up the good things going into their body, but without taking big, scary tablets.

Another lifestyle change I’m making is taking a healthy, packed lunch to work everyday. I have a lovely blush pink lunchbox which has separate compartments so it’s easy to make up and it looks good to eat from. I love taking the time to make my lunch the night before I need it, it’s a good way to see your food spread out and I was amazed at what I could find in the fridge to pack in to it!

I’ve also decided that I want to walk to work more, I live relatively close to my work place so walking is a good option to keep healthy as well as save some money! I absolutely hate the gym and I hate doing exercise full stop, but I feel like walking is a nice way to take in my surroundings as well as get in my steps and feel good at the same time. Hopefully it’ll prepare me for all the walking we’ll be doing in NYC…

2. Books, Flowers, Organising and Candles

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, simply because of all the fuss around cleaning and organising. Nothing warms my heart better than a good spring clean and tidy up ha! When the weather warms up a bit (and stays warm) I think I’ll tackle my many over flowing jumpers and thick knits. I like to take these out and make room for some new clothes like wrap dresses and skirts. I love a day to organise all my things so I’m looking forward to that.

I want to read more! I got quite a few books for Christmas and I want to slowly make my way through them. I’m currently reading Radical Self Love by Gala Darling which I’m enjoying, I have my eye on The Working Woman’s Handbook by Phoebe Lovatt next. Ordering new books is one of my favourite things to do, I may have to place an order soon for a few more.

Buying fresh flowers is one of my favourite things ever to welcome the warmer months. Whether they’re pricey but worth it from my favourite place Bloom and Wild or £5 from Sainsbury’s, having fresh flowers really make a difference to my mood and I just adore seeing them bloom on my dressing table.

Lighting a brand new candle is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. I have a beautiful botanical candle from Anthropologie which smells like Peony and Pomegranates, it’s the perfect Spring time candle. I can’t wait to light it and fill my room with the gorgeous scent. I think I’d also like to treat myself to a new diptyque candle in Baies as I think the fruity scent will be the perfect addition to my candle collection.

3. Changing Up My Make Up

I am all about the Spring make up look. Dewy, glowy and fresh is everything I aspire to look like on a day to day basis, so it’s not wonder that my make up change up is involving a whooole lot of Glossier. I am currently using the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint every single day, while it doesn’t do much in terms of coverage I can definitely see a change in overall redness and uneven tone. This little bottle really packs a punch, it’s basically just all glow!

I like to use a pot concealer at the moment, my favourites are the NARS Soft Matte Concealer and the Glossier Stretch concealer for different reasons. The NARS one is the best for covering dark circles and blemishes perfectly while the Glossier one is perfect for days when I don’t need much coverage but I want my under eyes to be hydrated.

I am also loving the pop of pink blush with a creamy highlighter, it’s so dreamy. Other changes include swapping my matte lipsticks out for soft, creamy lip balms and keeping a mini fragrance on me at all times like this & Other Stories one.

Can we also all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful my make up bag is! My wonderful friend Emily at EJW Custom Designs made it, incredible I know. She does a whole range of these little pouches and she also personalises them too, if you would love one for your stash too then I highly recommend checking her out on Instagram here!

So that’s it, the 3 ways I’m welcoming Spring this year! How are you welcoming the warmer months?

*Item has been gifted to me by the brand. All views and opinions are my own.