Life Update

Recently, I’ve been feeling a little bit out of touch with the internet world. Life has been a little bit crazy and it’s left me feeling drained and exhausted, which lead to me taking a break from posting on Instagram and here on my blog. I wanted to write this post as a way for me to close the door on the past couple of weeks so that I can move forward, if you happen to be reading this then that’s even better that you’re still around, thank you. This isn’t all negative, there are a few things that I’m also happy about so it may lengthy…grab yourself a cup of tea in your favourite mug with your favourite biscuit! (chocolate digestives, always).

The Kitten Update –

The biggest thing that really threw a spanner in the works in the past couple of weeks, was hearing and understanding that my beautiful little kitten, Blue, had potentially been knocked over by a car. As you can imagine, I was heartbroken. He suffered a broken jaw and a collapsed lung which had filled up with air and a tiny bit of blood. He was rushed to an incredible vet where they looked after him and loved him with the best care possible, (thanks to them and my older brother who dropped work to take him to a vet that was far away for us) he is now home and on the mend. Having him stay overnight for a week was a bit sad but it was the best thing for him and we’re just so, so happy he’s home. I’m very overwhelmed with the support and kind words that I’ve had from friends, family, work colleagues and even amazing girls from the blogging community. It seems like everyone is a little bit invested in this kitten, I mean with a face like that how could you not?

The Anxiety and Blog Update –

With the anxiety that follows on from having your fur baby hurt, I felt very unmotivated and uninspired to post on Instagram and my blog which seems ridiculous to me now because I absolutely love posting on those platforms. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, consistency is my biggest downfall. If anyone has any tips or blog posts on staying motivated or finding it easier to post consistently then please do let me know because I would love to read them! I’ve got a few ideas for my blog so I want to really push them and make them materialise. I’m still successfully saving up for my MacBook which is very, very exciting to me and that alone gives me the pep in my step knowing that soon enough, I’ll have my own laptop to work from so there will be no excuses.

The Work Update –

There is another huge part of my life which has finally caught up with me recently, that being Work. I’ve fallen out of love with my job recently and I’m finding it hard to get back the ‘spark’ if you like. I’ve realised that the actual job doesn’t reflect who I am or what I like to do and unfortunately I’m someone who has to be doing something I absolutely love to stay interested. While I really like the team I work with and the friends I’ve made, I know inside that it’s time for me to try and move on into something that I really, really enjoy doing. Wish me luck!

Right, onto the more exciting stuff…

(photo credit: Kate La Vie)

The New York Update –

Olly and I are so, so close to paying off our trip to New York! This means I’m almost fully into the swing of planning and scoping out cool spots for us to visit while we’re there. I’ve been before but Olly hasn’t, so I’m super excited to show him my favourite places. I’m totally over the touristy thing but I suspect Olly will still want to do a few of the hot spots such as Times Square, I’ve never been up the Rockefeller building either so I’d love to see the views from there. I think something I’m most looking forward to though, is living like a local for the week. Wandering the streets of soho and having a picnic in Central Park as we dog watch just sounds so perfect to us…I may even make a purchase in the dreamy Mansur Gavriel store. Treat yo’ self and all that? If anyone has any NYC recommendations, throw them my way!

The Surprise Update –

Planning surprises is not my forte. I can’t keep it a secret because I just get so excited and then before you know it I’ve told the whole world and his wife. I’m currently trying to surprise Olly with something incredible and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep to myself, I can’t wait until I can finally tell him. I’ve seriously planned the surprise to end all surprises as well as racking up those girlfriend points. I’ll be sure to update you all on how this ends up!

The Health Update –

I’m sure a lot of you will know from reading here, that I’ve been struggling with my stomach. I’m feeling somewhat relieved as my tests have come back all good with some areas of mild concern, but nothing urgent. I’ve booked myself in for more doctors appointments and with a dietician which I’m actually kind of looking forward to…lame, I know. I’m feeling better because I know I’m one step closer to figuring out what’s wrong with my body. I’m also very happy because I’ve lost just under a stone in weight, so I’m left feeling totally motivated to keep up the healthy eating and regularly exercising. Small baby steps seem to be working for me.

I think that’s enough updates for now as I seem to have ranted on for long enough! If you’re still reading this, thank you for being patient with my absence. I really appreciate it.

How are you guys doing? Have you been up to anything lately? Let me know, let’s chat!