Introducing: Isle of Paradise.

Isle of Paradise is the new kid on the tanning block and I, like many others in the blogging community, got all heart eyed when I saw how ‘grammable the products are! I knew I needed to get my hands on these products.

It’s no lie that there has been a real mixture in reviews from people. I’ve seen golden, bronzed babes all the way to patchy, bright orange nightmares and I’ll be honest, I felt very apprehensive trying it myself. *Spoiler* I am very glad I took the chance.

I’m going to be 100% honest with you guys, I was SO nervous about all the mixed reviews that I dragged Olly in to help me apply this tan so that I could be sure that it didn’t turn out patchy. I pretty much stripped down (there’s an image for ya) and had Olly spray the tanning water everywhere, he then rubbed it in with a tanning mitt. I couldn’t have asked for better coverage, I look like I’ve just stepped off the plane home from a sunny vacay. I think what really helped me achieve an all over flawless glow, was the prep i made sure to do beforehand. I started off by exfoliating and shaving my entire body all over the day before applying. I made sure to exfoliate my face too. About 30 minutes before we started spraying, I made sure to moisturise my entire body and face. I made sure to really focus on the areas that I knew would go patchy given the chance, so be sure to apply extra moisturiser to the elbows, hands, knees and feet! After all of that, we then started to apply it.

Once applied, the tan takes 4-6 hours to develop… I applied the tanning water at 5pm thinking I would be a bronzed goddess by 10pm, however I wasn’t actually too impressed at first. It didn’t look as dark as I thought it would and it was a little bit disheartening but I decided to wait until the morning to see it in natural day light. It’s safe to say I was shocked when I woke up the next morning, I definitely feel that the tan developed more overnight. I couldn’t believe how streak free and flawless it looked! One thing I will mention is that this definitely still has a faint fake tan smell which only got stronger with development, however once I had a shower, it had disappeared. I also applied about 3/4 drops of the tanning drops into my moisturiser the night before as I did my skincare. My face tanned nicely overnight, however next time I will add more drops to make sure I match up evenly with my neck.


My tan lasted a good 5/6 days before it started to slowly fade which I think it pretty good. Apparently, the darker you apply your tan, the longer it lasts so I might give that a go next time. It’s no lie that I’m a bit of a tanning newbie so I can’t really compare the overall lasting time to anything else, unfortunately.

Overall, I’m obsessed with these lovely products. So much so, I’m willing to overlook the £20 price tag (which I definitely think is too expensive considering how much product you get against how much you use for one or two applications). I am in love with the packaging, it’s the stuff made of instagram dreams and I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t like the look of it.  The main point I’ve taken away from purchasing and trialing Isle of Paradise is to not worry. It’s just fake tan at the end of the day, if it goes wrong then it goes wrong, if it goes right then you’ll look super healthy and glowy which is always lovely.

Have you guys tried anything from Isle of Paradise yet? What do you think?