Introducing: Kristin Ess Hair.

I have been a fan of Kristin Ess for the past 2 or so years, where I was introduced to her by the wonderful Kate from Kate La Vie. Up until very recently, Kristin Ess Hair could only be sourced in the US mainly, although I believe you could order very limited stock from parts of Europe. As you may or may not know, Olly and I were recently in New York so I took our trip as the perfect opportunity to pick up some of KEH’s products. After multiple trips to multiple Target stores, I finally got my hands on a good few of her products. Halfway through our trip, Kristin announced on her instagram that her products are now available to buy in the UK on Feel Unique, yay! So, let’s dive in shall we…

The One Signature Shampoo + Conditioner

I’ve been looking for a good, everyday combo to wash my hair with and I think I have found it with these. Other than the dreamy, pale pink packaging, the actual formula is equally as lovely. I find the Shampoo lathers well and Conditioner leaves my hair silky soft and oh so shiny which I love! A reoccurring theme within KEH products is that she has a lovely, light and floral fragrance in most of her products. I personally really like it as the scent lingers on my hair for the entire time until I wash my hair next, which is something I really enjoy. However, if you don’t enjoy fragranced products as much, you may be a little put off… Overall, this duo is one that won’t be leaving my shower any time soon.

The Style Reviving Dry Shampoo –

Up until the start of this year, I have never been a dry shampoo lover. I could never hack it nor could I understand why people didn’t just wash their hair? I had a conversation with my wonderful friend Penny who told me that she only washes her hair once a week…once. a. week. I knew I needed in on the action so I delved deeper and discovered that her secret is dry shampoo. As she runs a successful hair related blog, I knew I could trust her impeccably so I started using the IGK Jet Lag shampoo earlier this year and while it was very good, I could not get to grips with the whole applying at night situation. I’m too lazy to remember to spray it on at night, I knew I needed something that I could spray on my hair 5 minutes before leaving the house. Enter the KEH dry shampoo..

This dry shampoo is simply incredible. It leaves my hair feeling and looking grease free and I can usually get away with not washing my hair for at least another 2 days if I spray it evenly all over and really work it in. Something else that I love about this product, is that it carries the signature fragrance as so many of Kristin’s products do, so I know that my hair smells a little bit nicer when I needs a good wash. I just really, really love this spray, you guys.

The One Purple Shampoo + Conditioner –

I recently dyed my hair blonde and have been struggling with maintaining the colour while also keeping it healthy. I’ve tried (what feels like) so many different purple shampoos and conditioners and they’ve all just left my hair very grey toned and with a straw like texture. Not cute. I picked up the KEH duo purely because I had heard that this toned the brassiness out of hair really well. I am super happy that I picked these two up because I’m not sure I’ll find another colour combo like it. These both paired together leaves my hair looking fresh and blonde, swishy and oh so soft to touch. The conditioner does particularly well to mend my hair and I do like to leave this on a little bit longer than I should, just to give an oomph of moisture back into my hair. I don’t see these dreamy products leaving my shower any time soon…

The Weightless Shine Leave-In Conditioner

If you buy one product from Kristin’s hair line, please do yourself a favour and make it this spray. I will never be without this product in my life ever again, I’m being serious you guys… it’s a true love affair. I have had issues with leave-in conditioners before in the past. I found that they were either too heavy and therefore leaving my hair just feeling greasy, after I’d spent ages washing it or that it didn’t do anything for me and made my hair look dull and lacklustre.

However, this conditioning spray has completely changed the game. I love that I can go crazy on the amount that I apply to my hair and know that it doesn’t affect my hair in a greasy or dull way, I guess that’s why it’s called the weightless shine leave-in. I find it almost impossible to use too much of this which for me is a god send, I never know when to stop. Something I am struggling with since having freshly dyed locks is that my hair is so tangled, all the freaking time! This spray helps combat that and it makes brushing through a total breeze.

Again, like every product I mentioned above, this conditioner carries the signature fragrance through it meaning my hair just smells like a perfume stand. I’m not mad about it admittedly, but again, it might be one for you to consider if you’re not keen!

So, there you have it! You can purchase KEH on Feel Unique now, although she did mention that certain products will be released over time so if you don’t see something you’ve been after, don’t panic! I have my eye on the Reconstructive Moisture Mask and the Temporary Rose Gold Tint, so hopefully that’ll be released soon so I can tame my pale pink hair cravings. Things are getting crazy over here.

I think something that is really important to mention, is that all of Kristin’s Haircare is cruelty free. She doesn’t believe in testing on animals which really just seals the deal for me.

Have you tried anything from Kristin Ess Hair? What’s on your list to pick up?